Currently, entries are live for individuals and companies to enter their Blog into the  until Tuesday 15th December 2015 at 10pm.

The process to win a UK Blog Award is vigorous and challenging but the process will surely offer exposure, engagement and recognition for all involved. This post will detail the breakdown of the process, what each candidate will gain and for the first time, provide an insightful understanding of what the Judging Criteria consists of.

Stage 1: the Entry Process

To enter to the UK Blog Awards, there are many terms, but simply you need to be an individual or company that manages a Blog in UK. You can view the full terms .

Each candidate that enters or that is nominated into the UK Blog Awards automatically reaches stage 2 of the process, the Public Vote.  Bloggers can choose to enter their own Blog, or nominate Blogs into the awards. The nomination procedure is not to gain votes but to provide you with an opportunity to enter your favourite Blogs on behalf of other Bloggers. Each Blog that is nominated must then accept their nomination to be included within the process.

When you enter the awards, it is important to detail your entry profile as much as possible. Your entry profile will be your showcase during the Public Vote. But do not worry; you have up until entries close to edit your profile for all those with busy diaries!

Stage 2: the Public Vote

The Public Voting phase is important, for two reasons:

1. The People’s Voice. Blogging is about your opinion. Blogging is about public opinion.  Without opinion, a Blog would be a news story. Or would it? The Blogger vs. Journalist debate continues, but we will leave this for another post. Our point is, the public voice matters, they are your community and following.
2. Gain exposure for your content. Whether your Blog following is small or large, entering the UK Blog Awards will help expose your content, grow and maintain your community. Therefore, not all is lost if you do not make it past stage 2.

Stage 3: the Judging Criteria

If your individual or company Blog makes it through to stage 3 of the UK Blog Awards; you will gain title as a UKBA16 Finalist. In 2016, for the first time, the UK Blog Awards will provide each shortlisted candidate with one free ticket to attend the UK Blog Awards in London in April 2016.

You may already be aware of the criteria that our industry panellists use to assess each shortlisted Blog:
1. Design
2. Style
3. Content
4. Marketing
5. Usability

But, for the first time during this post, we are going to provide you further insight around this section, which is the most important part of the process.

The Judging Criteria document that is provided to each judge, consist of an evaluation criteria that has been established to be relevant, comprehensive, well-aligned with the ever-evolving definition of “blogging innovation” AND to enable our judges to clearly define the true winner for a UK Blog Award.

Blogging critique is not an exact science; it is subjective. Blogging is such a personal and unique form of marketing, knowledge and opinion and it is arguably impossible to judge one accurately against the other.  We have tried to ensure that our scoring criteria can be adapted to each industry Blog.

To us, one of the most important areas of critiquing a Blog is that the  must have solid experience. Each day, we as a collective follow and admire many brands and read many posts and news stories across the web. Therefore, the UK Blog Awards team have spent the time to source some of the best brands and writers in the UK’s digital space.

This year, we have welcomed professionals and brands from the likes , Barclays, , Hootsuite, UK Government Digital Service,  and journalists with many others to be announced.

Previously, our industry panel judges have been able to judge the Blogs in their own time working with each other virtually. But on reflection, the web offers many things, but it does not and will not ever replace the power of face to face. Therefore, in February 2016 our judges will meet for one day and critique the shortlisted Blogs in each of their industries.
To provide our winner, highly commended and shortlisted candidates from each category a further insight as to why each Blog wins their award, the judging day will be filmed, with our judges deliberating in short why each winner is deserved. The video clip will be show on the evening of the awards.

Do look out for further insightful posts from your panel judges during the process.

Stage 4: the Celebration’s

Arguably the best part. At the UK Blog Awards, we believe that your entry should be a journey and an experience. Each year we have themed the awards evening and in 2016 this will be no different.

Expect to be wow’d. Expect to connect. Expect to celebrate the ‘Best of British’ Blogging that the UK has to offer. Fortunately for you, we are leaving some surprises until the evening.

Best of luck with the process and we look forward to reading your individual and company Blog entries. .

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