So, we’re nearly there….that’s right- the nominations will be open on the 2nd October- are you nominating? Putting yourself or someone forward to recieve a coveted UK Blog Award? We hope so!!

As you know, nominations lead to votes and of course votes lead to our event- a glamorous night that’s planted firmly in the calendar of many brand and influencers (is it in yours? 20th April 2018!)

This year there have been a few changes at UK Blog Awards HQ, and we’ve got some exciting announcements coming over the next few weeks and months- but as a part of these changes, we’re really interested in finding out about what YOU want to see in an event (especially if you’re paying for a ticket!) We want to bring you an incredible experience, something unforgettable and ultimately something that will enhance your blog and brand through networking, new friendships and amazing opportunities.

So, our questions this week are a little ‘us’ focussed- and for that we apologise, but what we will say is, everything single thing we do, we do for you- you are ALWAYS at the forefront of our plans, products and ideas….so we wouldn’t do anything without consulting you first…we hope you can give us your honest opinion and thoughts!

1) What would an EXCELLENT event look like to you?
2) What would make you purchase a ticket to an evening awards event (if you aren’t nominated)?
3) What would make an event unforgettable to you?
4) How much would you pay for a ticket to an exceptional evening awards event?
5) What sort of networking opportunities would you want at an evening event?
6) What would be your ideal dress code? (Crazy ideas welcome!)

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