Marketing is a very hot topic right now, actually it has been for a while now…it’s not just a buzz word for businesses to justify their huge corporate retreats, and BIG money Marketing spend….it’s a universal word that really does affect all of us. Whether you have a small start-up blog with only your first few posts or you’re a fully fledged full time blogger cutting a pay cheque- Marketing is the thread that runs through a successful ‘brand.’

Because that’s what you have- a brand- your blog is an extension of you, and you, your words, your images, videos etc. it’s all a BRAND….and brands need Marketing to support them in reaching their goals, and succeeding in the plans you have for them.

So our questions for this week’s #Bloghour are all about your Marketing strategy, if you have one, how you use it and even if you invest! So please be honest, be open and by all means- ask your own questions:

1) Do you have a Marketing Strategy for your blog? (if no then why not?) #Bloghour
2) What Digital channels do you use to promote your blog? (We’re taking about Facebook/Twitter etc) #Bloghour
3) How important do you think your Marketing is for growing your brand? #Bloghour
4) What is the best (and most successful) platform that you use for your blog? #Bloghour
5) What are your tips for juggling all of the things you need to do for your Blog and building your brand? #Bloghour
6) Can you give us your best Marketing tip for growing your following? #Bloghour

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