You’ve started your Blog and/or Vlog and created social media channels to tie in with your grand content plans. With all of the other great content out there, how do you not only maintain what you are producing, but keep up with the ever changing social times and the power digital talent that is here in the present.

The answer to the above? Do not let the above over whelm you. Instead, embrace your content experience and always remember that today’s power bloggers and vlogger leaders have been where you may be right now.

Talking of content inspiration, we have been overwhelmed with the amount of entries received for the fourth year of the UK Blog Awards. Entries and nominations close at 10pm, so if you have not yet nominated your UK industry faves, get going!

Tonight’s #BlogHour questions have been provided by some of our Twitter community and it is important to remember that developing digital content is about sharing your knowledge, experiences and practices which will help you gain your own community. We look forward to tweeting you at 9pm, in the meantime, check out tonight’s questions below:

Q1. What are your top tips for collaborating with other bloggers / content creators? via 

Q2. Do you feel it’s important to reach out/network with other bloggers in the same ‘category’? If yes, why? via 

Q3. Who is your biggest blogging inspiration? What is it about their blog which inspires you? via 

Q4. If you could start your blog all over again, what would you do differently? via 

Q5. Do you think it’s possible to be successful from just blogging these days or is vlogging essential? via 

Q6. How would describe a higher level blogger and what things to you need to get to their level? via 

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