Yesterday, we welcomed the beginning of the  for the UK Blog Awards 2016 which attracted over 16,000 votes for our entrants during the first day of phase 2 of the awards process.

Blogging is focused around public opinion, therefore the public vote is a clear expression of the ‘people’s voice’ and is an important part of the process.

Our social media feeds were overwhelmed, but what caught our digital eye was the clear sense of community spirit between our entrants and non entrants. Therefore, we felt this would be a super topic for this weeks #BlogHour. See the questions below for discussion tonight at 9pm:

Q1. Why do you think such a community has been established through Blogging? #BlogHour

Q2. When does a Blog stop being a hobby? When you get paid? via #BlogHour

Q3. In one statement how would you empower your community? #BlogHour

Q4. A recent survey found that over 30% of Brits do not make NY Resolutions. Are they worth making and have you made any? #BlogHour

Q5. What is your favourite and least favourite part of being a blogger? Can a community become too much? #BlogHour

Q6. Time is a big factor when building a community. How does a digital community differ to a face to face community? #BlogHour

We look forward to Tweeting with you all tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January 2016 at 9pm and hope you enjoy debating the questions.

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