In preparation for the UK Blog Awards 2016 (#UKBA16), we are naturally looking into our own Blog and website to make the usability and experience online big and better than 2015. Therefore, we felt this would be a great topic for this week’s #BlogHour, Blog Review.

As part of the Judging criteria for the UK Blog Awards, we assess the following aspects of a Blog:
1. Design
2. Style
3. Content
4. Marketing
5. Usability
Have you ever thought about the above aspects of your Blog and how they would be rated?

Content is king. But, user experience is queen and we must not forget that both come hand in hand.

We hope can you join the #BlogHour conversation from 9-10pm tonight via the  Twitter handle. Please see the questions below in preparation for the hour:

Q1. What aspects will make a Blog post contagious? #BlogHour

Q2. What is your biggest challenge with Blog monetisation? via #BlogHour

Q3. Have you ever reviewed your own Blog, if so, what factors would you like to improve? #BlogHour

Q4. Does current media news stories influence your Blog topic choice? #BlogHour

Q5. What makes the perfect email newsletter and how often should they be sent? #BlogHour

Q6. Do you ever ask others to provide a constructive critical review of your content? Do you think this would help you develop your content further? #BlogHour

We hope you enjoy interacting with other fellow Bloggers and Social Media influencer’s tonight from 9pm. If you have not participated with #BlogHour, you can view the Tweeting guidelines .

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