We are now venturing into week 2 of the UK Blog Awards going live to welcome entries for the 2016 awards and what a week it has been. With over 1,000 individual and company entries the calibre and status of the awards continues to grow. Have you entered of nominated your favourite UK Blog? 

The importance of the UK Blog Awards is that both individuals and companies are recognised over a variety of UK sectors. Awards such as, UKBA16 create some great PR coverage for our Blogging entrants and Founder and MD of the UK Blog Awards, Gemma Newton raises important points in why recognition is key in the UK digital medium:
“I am thrilled, but not surprised with the increase in level of interest year on year.  We live in a multi media age when all the social networks not only connect us, but have become part of the new world digital landscape.  Blogs are obviously very much part of that stream and brands across the board are finally embracing the immense influence these digital trendsetters have on their target audience.  These awards are all about identifying our key online leaders in the digital arena who are both connected and relevant in order to help expand reach into new media and markets as well as help recognise their dedication to digital media and the blogosphere”.

Gemma’s above statement leads us on to this weeks #BlogHour, Your Blog PR. Is this something you have ever thought about? And, do you realise that sharing information socially on a day to day basis is creating your own Blog PR?

We hope you enjoy the thought provoking questions tonight during #BlogHour below:

Q1. If you sent a Press Release do you copy & paste it or edit it to your own writing style? via   #BlogHour

Q2. Has entering the UK Blog Awards helped your blog and in what way? via   #BlogHour

Q3. How are Bloggers different to Journalists and will these roles merge in the future? #BlogHour #PR

Q4. Do you believe that PR is good whether it is positive or negative for your Blog? #BlogHour

Q5. How do you search down the best stories and content for your blog? via  #BlogHour

Q6. If you could sum up your Blog with one dedicated hashtag, what would it be and why? #BlogHour

It is great to see that once again, our Blogging community has provided some great questions. If you would like to be involved next week, please email . Otherwise, we lookforward to Tweeting with you at 9pm GMT tonight via the  Twitter account – don’t forget to use the hashtag. Happy Tweeting!

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