This week’s #Bloghour comes from one of our community members, the fantastic Andrey Corry ( on Twitter – give him a follow!)

Anyway, Andrew’s question to us this week got us in a bit of a reflective mood….as we’re coming into the final month of 2017 – we think it’s a worthwhile task to look back on what we’ve done, what we’ve achieved, what we’ve failed at…what has been our crowning achievement and what has been something we’re disappointed over…

As we talked about this topic with Andrew, it became really clear that our journey is our own…much like yours belongs to you. So it doesn’t matter if that other blogger in the same industry as you got 10,000 more followers than you this year, or someone else got an incredible brand partnership opportunity and you didn’t. Our favourite saying to explain this is,

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

So, it’s with this in mind, that we would LOVE to know about your journey, your experience of 2017 and your plans for 2018:

Q1) Do you think you have improved and developed as a writer/blogger in the last 12 months?

Q2) When you review 2017- what is the SINGLE biggest achievement you’ve had?

Q3) When you look back on 2017- what’s the biggest failure or learning you’ve had?

Q4) Who has been your biggest supporter this year? (family/friend/stranger- we want to know!)

Q5) How do you plan to end 2017 on a big HIGH?

Q6) What does 2018 hold for you and your blog?

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