So after 3 long years of long lectures and early starts, you have finally obtained what everyone has been telling you “will be the keys to success”; your degree. Now like most of us you have noticed how hard it is to actually secure that dream job. You’ve probably been to more than few interviews and still that dream job remains elusive. Well first thing is first, understand you are not the only in this situation. Many students leave university without understanding the jobs market even though your university probably offered this in an optional lecture, which you most likely didn’t attend (who actually attends optional lectures!). Well we have a few tips that should help get you a step closer to securing your first graduate position.

1. Apply to as many desirable positions as you can find. This will increase your odds of securing more interviews, which will lead to a greater chance of being hired.

2. Filling out applications is very tedious but a good application could give you the edge over your competitors. So, it’s essential to take your time when filling out applications to make sure it is fluent to the reader and without spelling errors.

3. Do your research before interviews. Its always better to go into the interview with a good knowledge of the company your are applying to. Understanding the company and its working process will allow you to have an insight into what they are looking for which you can use to modify your approach during the interview.

4. Be confident and clear when communicating. Being able to speak fluently during an interview is always a benefit as communication is one of the pillars of success for any business.

5. Dress Appropriately. This does not necessarily mean getting suited and booted to the nines. It means understanding the environment you are entering. You want illustrate the values that they strive to uphold and your presentation is something they will look closely at.

6. Join a recruitment company. ,  for example takes a lot of the work out of what you have to do and pairs you up with jobs that match your criteria and qualifications leaving you a little more time to prep and practice your interview technique.

Don’t be down hearted and pessimistic going into interviews. Investing in those emotions will only make you negative and which will probably affect your motivation to keep applying and attending interviews. Stay positive and understand that with every failure you gain more knowledge that you can use to your advantage when filling out the next application or interview!

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