#Bloghour this week is going to be a little bit more focussed on you and your personal wellbeing than ever before. A few weeks ago we ran a poll asking for votes on topic ideas and mental health came second! We’ve talked about mental health a couple of times before but it feels like the topic should never be far from the top of our list for #bloghour discussions.

This week however we want to talk about Mental Health from a different perspective. There are quite a lot of bloggers out there who specifically talk about their Mental Health journey and that is amazing. There are also bloggers who blog about lots of different topics but the mental support or journalling and being creative is a cathartic support too.

So we want to know more about you and why you blog, what it means for your mental wellbeing and what you do to bring a bit of ‘happy’ into your world.

  1. What do you currently do to bring a bit of joy into your every day life? #bloghour
  2. Does blogging bring you any ‘relief’ to the trials, tribulations and challenges you experience in your every day life? #bloghour
  3. What do you think is the most positive thing about being a blogger? #bloghour
  4. What do you think is the most destructive thing about being a blogger? #bloghour
  5. What tool, product, resource could you recommend to anyone looking to bring a little bit more happiness into their life? #bloghour
  6. Favourite blogger(s) that makes you smile? #bloghour

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