As we see the likes of the Oscars and BAFTA celebrations of awards season coming to an end, we begin to move into our own season in the countdown to the UK Blog Awards. The evening will see a mix of Bloggers, Brands, PR professionals and journalists come together to celebrate individual and company digital content across a mix of UK industries. We welcome not only finalists to attend, but also individuals and companies who manage a Blog and are trying to connect and build digital and face to face relationships.

There are many reasons why an awards platform, such as #UKBA16 is beneficial, such as:
– Your Blog profile is marketed via the UK Blog Awards website. Putting your Blog out there helps engage with your current readers and new readers that you may not have reached
– Entering and attending awards provides opportunities to continue to segment relationships with existing contacts, but also build new relationships
– The PR! Many of our entrants are contacted by their local press as they represent and develop unique content for their local town, city and county. Have you ever done this?
– The SEO benefits. Google loves Blogging and if Google says we should be developing content, we listen. The link backs and mentions by you and your fellow community help drive exposure for your Blog
– Self reflection. A really important factor. You gain the opportunity to not only network and collaborate with industry peers and companies, but also see what others are doing to help improve your work
– The prestigious award. Our judges are put through the paces to decide on the winners and it is no easy task! If you win a UK Blog Award, your Blog really is the cream of the digital crop

As well as the above, there is a #BlogHour which provides a weekly networking opportunity to digitally network, reach out to new followers and share your content. Which leads us nicely into this evenings questions around ‘Why Awards Build Communities’, we hope you like the questions we have developed below. Don’t forget to join the conversation at 9pm:

Q1. What has been the main reason you have entered an awards event and do you believe you get out what you put in? #BlogHour

Q2. What do you like and dislike most about the term ‘Blogger Outreach’? #BlogHour

Q3. What is the best platform to build relationships with your readers and why? #BlogHour

Q4. If you were a brand, how want you try to build brand loyalty and personalisation with your digital audience? #BlogHour

Q5. Why is celebrating digital content so important? #BlogHour

Q6. Finally, what are you looking to gain for your Blogging community in the future? #BlogHour

See you at 9pm and don’t forget to use the hashtag, #BlogHour.

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