Today’s #bloghour topic was suggested by the brilliant Chloe over on Twitter. Who said:



We couldn’t agree more, and we think a blogger’s tribe and network is one of the most important assets to them…so we want to talk to you about this topic tonight on our #bloghour chat over on Twitter at 9pm.

We totally get what Chloe’s saying, when a lot of your life is behind a laptop, crafting your posts, editing and replying…it can feel kind of lonely. Especially because of the topic of mental health and the focus we’re all trying to put on it in 2018. We want to help bloggers feel less alone, but more than that- how do we feel included, feel supported and feel like we’ve got the right people in our corner?

So let’s get onto our questions for tonight:

Q1) Who DO you have in your blogger tribe at the moment? (this could be fellow bloggers, your agent, a mentor, relations, partners?) #Bloghour

Q2) How do you find and make connections with people who can help you in the blogging industry? (online, at events etc.) #Bloghour

Q3) Who or what do you need the most right now for your blogging career that you DON’T currently have? #Bloghour

Q4) Is there someone you would love to connect with that you haven’t done so yet? If so, tag them now! (be brave, reach out and tell us why! Let’s connect) #Bloghour

Q5) What is the number 1 outcome for you for 2018 that new relationships/connections could help you with? #Bloghour

Q6) What resources are there ONLINE that can connect bloggers, open up communications and build a digital tribe online? #Bloghour

We can’t wait to read your thoughts and talk more tonight at 9pm over on our Twitter feed. Make sure you use the hashtag #Bloghour when you’re talking to us so that we (and our network) see your replies!


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