Growing Blog and Vlog community is no easy task and with the darker nights setting in, for some this can cause writers block and  can also kick in.

We love the autumnal and winters months and can appreciate every amazing season that the British weather offers. But with the overuse of social media and the pressures of develpoing strong content, it is important to know when to take a step back, refresh and unwind.

This weeks #BlogHour will focus on Wellbeing of Influencers, as well as including blogging, vlogging and social media questions from our community. So, how can you refresh and maintain your wellbeing to help you produce strong content:

# Allow yourself the break: It is important to have a break every two hours away from your computer and that 10 minutes break an help refesh your mind to avoid writers block

# Take a walk: Rather than hiding away from the cold, wrap, get out and enjoy the crisp days ahead. Exercise will not only kick start your metabolism but also helps fight against mental health

# Hydrate: Should we call it ‘dry brain’. That point when your mouth is dry and its been at least two hours since your last glass of water – and we’re not talking tea or coffee. Dehydration can not only affect concentration, but will have a large impact on your productivity, mood and energy levels. H 2 the O, lets go!

# Talk: Talking and we don’t mean via a Tweet. Face to face conversation is like a happy pill for us human species. It is good to talk, so lets keep it up. If you are struggling on time, at the very least pick up the phone and talk through your feelings, ideas and plans. You never know, it may help spark further activity

Why not try implementing some of the above this week and let us know how you get on? We look forward to seeing your happy faces!

In the meantime, we hope you like tonight’s positive questions below and look forward to tweeting with you all at 9pm via  Twitter account:

Q1. Sometimes I feel isolated when working alone day after day. How do you keep motivated when working alone? via  #BlogHour

Q2. What is it that makes you take that final push & press subscribe/follow to a YouTube Channel or Blog? via  #BlogHour

Q3. If you have writers block, what do you do to increase productivity? #BlogHour

Q4. How do other bloggers encourage/ achieve engagement on their blogs and social media? via 

Q5. Do you think social media has played a part in the increase of mental health? How can influencers help each other? #BlogHour

Q6. What is the best way to monetise your Blog and Vlog content? via #BlogHour

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