Are you being smart with your website? Do you know how to maximise your ‘shop window’ and do you even understand what ‘Lead Generation’ is? Well that’s ok!!

As a blogger, it’s not just about being an excellent content creator, you have to be a designer, IT person, web guru etc….and that stuff…is tough! However, it really is the way to grow your blogger brand and reach.

Now we’re working on some ebooks to really debunk the myths and offer some guidance on this topic but we want to know what you know, and what you want to know!

1) Would you consider yourself ‘tech-savvy’? #Bloghour

2) What’s the number 1 tool you couldn’t live without on your website? #Bloghour

3) What’s your 3 biggest issues with your website? #Bloghour

4) If you had an unlimited budget- what’s the first issue you’d tackle with your website? #Bloghour

5) Have you seen any cool stuff that other bloggers are using that you wouldn’t mind using? #Bloghour

6) Best website you’ve seen out there? (It doesn’t have to be a blog!) #Bloghour

We’ll see you 09/01/2018 over on our Twitter Feed.


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