Excuse the pun for the title, but this week we want to talk about how you got started on your blogging journey. It’s all thanks to Marie-Celine on Twitter!

Often we’re so focussed on where we’re going, hitting our goals and generally being the success we want to be, that we forget to look back and really take stock of where we’ve come!

It’s not about the followers or visits (although it can be if you want!) It’s about what you’ve created, how you’re engaging, what impression you’re making on the world…

So, tell us!

Q1) How did you get started on your blogging journey? #Bloghour

Q2) What made you choose your industry/niche? #bloghour

Q3) Did you have many people supporting you on this journey or was it more of a solo quest? #Bloghour

Q4) What tools, platforms and resources did you use when you first began? #Bloghour

Q5) How has the blogging landscape changed since you first began to now? #bloghour

Q6) What is your prediction for the future of bloggers and blogging? (think big!) #Bloghour

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