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Edited version for Awards Ceremony Programme "Nikki Garnett founded Midlifechic in 2014 when she saw how few fashion blogs addressed women over 40. Drawing on 9 years’ experience as editor of Selfridges’ magazine, she focuses on style, beauty, career, family and midlife concerns. She aims to raise the profile of midlife women in society and has established a community of over 50,000 vibrant voices - women who are empowered by a stylish, confident approach to midlife." Blog Overview Midlifechic is a blog for women over 40 who are getting their groove back. Written by Nikki Garnett, former editor of Selfridges magazine, it covers style, beauty, travel and the challenges of life with teenage children. My blogging journey started nearly 3 years ago when, amidst the chaos of family life, I looked in the mirror one day and felt as though I'd lost my identity. I created Midlifechic for all of the women out there who are emerging from the baby years and trying to rediscover the woman they used to be. The main focus of Midlifechic is a discussion of the ways women can use style to underpin their confidence; beauty is a natural companion to that. I also take a lighthearted look at the curveballs that my teenage sons throw in my path and share the outcomes with my readers. This openness has helped to develop a vibrant community of women who are discovering a whole new stylish and confident way of heading into midlife.

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There are not many blogs focusing on women over 40 in the UK and yet we are an important and vibrant sector of the population. On the surface I share fashion and beauty tips which provide shortcuts to style for busy women. Underneath this is my desire to change the high street so that retail starts to serve our age group better, creating fashion that we want to wear. I am out there on behalf of all women over 40 who want to scream 'we are not dead yet.' I believe I have developed a thriving community of women who, thanks to their insightful comments, are helping me to get our voices heard. If Midlifechic wins a UK Blog Award, our voices will be stronger still.