Last week the United Nations announced the heroine, . The purpose of the campaign is to reduce the gap in gender equality and to empower all women and girls in line with the , which aim to tackle poverty and inequality.
Dig a little deeper and the campaign has begun to receive some controversial backlash due to the characters being fictional, with a pin up girl appearance. We question, does the character matter and would the campaign be as strong without taking chances on choice.
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Since the UK Blog Awards creation, we have seen the demand for industry recognition grow, with now 17 industries being recognised nationally for individuals and companies. It is fair to say that there is a huge amount of girl power across the blogosphere with many bloggers, vloggers and instagrammers producing not only inspirational content, but going on to produce themselves as a brand in their own right, merging into super entrepreneurial talent to be admired.
So, what makes a Blog Hero or Heroine? With the Wonder Woman film set to be released in 2017, there will be opportunity to receive fictional inspiration, but across the blogosphere how could this be defined and more importantly, why did we choose #BlogHero as the campaign for the 2017 UK Blog Awards.
The  has never judged its contestants on following, which allows all entrants with a fair opportunity to be rewarded purely on their content, usability and reader experience. After all, each influencer documents their own digitally story. Therefore, from the underdog to the established hero or heroine of their industry, each contestant has a fair chance in being crowned the UK’s top of the Blogs!
The beginning of October seen the launch of the  for the UK Blog Awards 2017 and we have received so many strong entries to date!On the Blog, we have taken the opportunity to interview some of our previous winning influencers and asked them what they deem a true Blog Hero. Read the .

This years’ campaign not only allows people to nominate influencer content (individuals and companies) who have not only inspired their own content, but provided their readers with a unique content base that, we believe deserves national recognition. As many of our candidates and winners explain, to maintain content on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is challenging and time consuming. Online content does not only develop storytelling but it solidfies community and passion, which reinforces the purpose of the UK Blog Awards 2017 #BlogHero campaign to recognise the hero’s and heroines across different industry sectors, where each entrants is making a difference and impact in their own right. Which type of Blog Hero and Heroines are your favourites?

Entries and Nominations close on the 15th November 2016. Don’t let your cherished Blog Heroes pass you by, nominate your favourite . All rise to see your industry Blog Hero.

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