This week’s #bloghour topic comes from the wildly talented Emma Farley – thanks Emma for the suggestion, this is a good one folks!

So Emma had the idea around building a steady, sustainable level of traffic to her blog that returns again and again. So basically a loyal readership/fan base who want to check in with what content she writes day in, day out. This is kind of like the Holy Grail in blogging isn’t it? To have a tribe of readers who just love you, love what you write about and are always hungry for more…

It”s what makes some of the biggest bloggers out there so succesful, their tribe and we would love to exlore some ideas and suggestions around how to grow your blog traffic (and keep it that way) but also Marketing tools and tactics to keep on building (and keeping) that tribe.

So, don’t forget to join us over on our Twitter page tonight (19/06/18) tonight at 9pm!

  1. Have you managed to create a traffic stream to your blog that is now coming back again and again? #Bloghour
  2. If you have, what’s the number 1 tool you’ve used to achieve this? #Bloghour
  3. Do you have any top tips for ON BLOG engagement to increase this? #Bloghour (we mean things you can do on your own blog to increase traffic and keep them coming back)
  4. Do you have any top tips for Marketing engagement to increqse this? #Bloghour (this is Social Media, emails, live hangouts etc.)
  5. What’s the number 1 mistake bloggers can make to hinder their chances of getting their traffic to come back regularly? #Bloghour
  6. Does email Marketing work for building and engaging with your readers? Top tips around NAILING your emails please! #Bloghour

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