The year of 2016 has been big news for video. With Facebook announcing in April that  will be accessible worldwide and Mark Zuckerberg expressing that the platform will be ‘mostly video within five years time’. Everybody listened.

Next, the platform that allows users to create self-destructing images and videos,  becomes one of the strongest social media engagement platforms, with growth expected to overtake the likes of Twitter and Pinterest. But wait. Let’s not forget  launches Stories, implementing many of things Snapchat users love. We call this the ‘Magpie Approach’, take an idea but make it better. Instagram did this and they were proud to share. And there it is, you’re kind of up to speed.

So where does the likes of  fit and are you using this platform, along with other video social media tools to your content advantage? Many of you may favour watching YouTube intead of mainstream TV. The majority of you will turn to YouTube for tips and ‘how to’s’. Whether you like it or not, online video is a way of life.

Remember that feeling when you posted your first Blog post. Nervous excitement, perhaps. Have you questioned how you feel/ did feel about video/ and your first vlog post, if so, how did this differ. Was there an element of vuneralibility when putting yourself in front of a camera. These are all of the things we look forward to finding out during #BlogHour.

The questions below will spark discussion (we hope) around video content, style and strategy. The leading question is, do have any. That’s up for you to share tomorrow at 9pm via  Twitter account. And remember not to sit back and just read, join in and share your experiences, exploring thoughts and vunerabilities, its how we learn of course.

Q1. Do you manage a video channel, if so, introduce yours. How long have you been vlogging? #BlogHour

Q2. How would you consider your own vlog style, voice and environment. Are these factors important at all? #BlogHour

Q3. What have you learned from Vlogging so far and what advice would you give to someone starting out?  #BlogHour

Q4. Do you plan your content to appeal to a specific audience range. If so, have you seen an increase in stats? #BlogHour

Q5. What type of YouTube channel is your favourite and why do you prefer the content? #BlogHour

Q6. Which YouTuber inspires you and why? #BlogHour

We hope you enjoy the video focussed #BlogHour and the questions help spark video for thought!

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