With many awards, recognition seems to be the most obvious reason to be involved. With social media providing a quick and effective connection with bloggers, brands and other mediums we believe that networking is a very large part of the process.

As we countdown the hours until the first ever pre-awards meet up for UK Blog Awards 2016 finalists and judges, it seemed like an opportunity for us to discuss the importance and power of networking: face to face and virtually.

Tonight there will be a mix of questions from  and ourselves, we hope you enjoy. Please see the questions outlined below in preparation for tonight’s debate from 9-10pm via the  Twitter account:

Q1. Online or offline – do you think networking opportunities to meet PR teams make a difference? #BlogHour via 

Q2. When you attend a networking event, what are the essential items that you take along with you and why? #BlogHour via 

Q3. Do you have a preference for the style of the event? Casual chatting or more of a meeting? #BlogHour via 

Q4. Should social media be left at home when attending networking events or used in synergy? #BlogHour

Q5. Do you review events that you have attended? If so, what benefits do you think this offers your readers? #BlogHour

Q6. What is the difference in networking online and networking face to face? #BlogHour

We look forward to networking face to face with #UKBA16 finalists and judges, as well as networking virtually with #BlogHour participants from 9pm.

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