Winning the UK Blog Awards 2014 was a real confidence boost for us here at , and was the first official recognition for all the hard work we have done since starting. We really didn’t expect to win – we are a small blog, and we are both still learning the ropes when it comes to blogging. So first of all, we would like to say a big ‘thank-you’ to everyone who voted for us!

When mentioning that we are winners of the UK Blog Awards (and we do like to mention it quite a bit), we are often asked what we think made our blog stand out above the rest. This is something we have thought about quite a bit, and would like to share with other bloggers.

What we think makes a Blog stand out:

1. Structure
We think structure is a huge part of our success, both on the site and in posts. People on the internet are fickle, and skim through pages. If they can’t see what they want instantly, they will leave, so utilising H2 tags in posts, and having a clear site structure was something we learnt to be very valuable quite early on.

2. Provide ‘Timeless’ Content
With regards to actual content, we have always tried to focus on ‘timeless’ content on the blog. We have experimented with coverage of news stories, but the content quickly become irrelevant and lost in the ether of your site. One of our most popular posts () was actually published back in late 2012, and is still as relevant today as it was then, and still brings in lots of readers.

3. Experiment
We also think that experimenting is a great thing for two reasons. It keeps you interested/ excited about your own blog, and it opens up new audiences. Experiments don’t always work out (like our coverage of news stories), but when they do, it’s a great feeling! One of our most successful experiments is our YouTube exercise videos, which were originally done just to break the week up for us, but have increased our YouTube subscribers and views more than we could have expected!

4. Be Interesting
And finally – Write about something interesting, and maybe even challenge conventional thinking once in a while. Engage the reader – for example, is 5 fruit and veg a day really enough? I bet you don’t even know what this popular public health message is based on, but hopefully I’ve now got you thinking about it, and maybe even wanting to read a little more about it.

Moving forward from the 2014 Blog Awards, we have our sights firmly set on the 2015 Blog Awards, and we are always looking for ways to improve and better our blog, so competition look out! J

We would obviously welcome all feedback on our blog, and if you have any suggestions/ comments or even topic requests please let us know – we don’t bite.

Thanks again to all the people who voted for The Health Cloud, and helped us achieve this award.

Craig & Morg

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