There has been a lot of talk about the future of blogging in the press and with brands about whether bloggers will even be here in 5, 10, 15 years….everyone has an opinion from the biggest blogging names in the industry like In The Frow to the biggest brands and marketing experts alike.

What do we think about the future of blogging?

Do you want to know our opinion? It’s not based on any social media stats or brand sales or even influencer revenue…our opinion that: BLOGGING IS THE FUTURE is based on mankinds’ insatiable need to read, to learn and to grow. We will never stop wanting to read and we will never stop seeking out creativity…the platforms might change, the method of delivery may adapt – but a blogger has the most incredible tools at their fingertips: the tools to create interest, engagement and to influence the thoughts of others.

Our topic

So, this week we owe this subject to the fantastic Lesley Sainty who you can find on Twitter as @placeswithed. Lesley suggested the following headline question: “What is the future for blogging? I can only see it getting more mainstream/valued.

Every Tuesday we host our #bloghour chat at 9pm over on our Twitter feed here. You can always find the theme and questions for our chat in an article on this website. We have 6 questions every Tuesday evening that you can answer simply by using the corresponding number (so if we’re asking Q1 you simple need to put A1 followed by your answer and then the hashtag #bloghour)

So let’s dive in shall we?

Q1) What do you think the future holds for bloggers and the world of blogging? #bloghour

Q2) What do you think we should all look out for in the future? (i.e. what could be a potential THREAT?) #bloghour

Q3) What new opportunities do you think will be available in the future that aren’t available now? #bloghour

Q4) Do you still think ‘anyone’ will be able to become a blogger in the future? #bloghour

Q5) What changes do you think will be made to how bloggers and influencers advertised paid for content? #bloghour

Q6) From a tech perspective, what do you think will become the ‘big platform’ and the ‘big medium’ in the future? (i.e will it still be all about wordpress, will Video be the biggest medium etc.) #bloghour

So those are our questions for tonight, as always if you can’t join us then don’t hesitate to answer the questions over on Twitter at any time and any day – we love seeing your answers especially when it comes to the future of blogging.

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