2014 was the first year of existence for the UK Blog Awards.

The Awards are an exciting and uplifting time for the digital industry of Blogging professionals. 

For what may seem like a lifetime, company employees and private individuals have been found Blogging about opinions, facts and sharing good practice with viewers of the worldwide web since the early 1990s.

So, here at UKBA we thought it was about time that individual Bloggers and companies received recognition for all their well-earned innovative opinions and content!

The UK Blog Awards has been created to recognise true viral style and creative excellence across a variety of 19 UK industries, as well as awarding the overarching content of the year award.

Individuals and Companies can enter via this website during our entry time only. To view the full Terms and Conditions, please visit our Rules page here.

The UK Blog Awards are not just another Awards evening, but the chance to be acknowledged and recognised as a true knowledge provider within your industry and provide a unique opportunity to promote yourself and/or your company to the general public and other Blogging professionals and organisations. The awards are more than an event, but a digital outreach platform that connects blogs with brands. We also work with brands to help them connect further with their online audience.


Join us and be recognised on your UK Blogging journey and beyond.