It’s a topic that we discuss quite often here at UKBA HQ – when you become a blogger (or vlogger) you do it because you’ve got something to say right?

You want to create an outlet, a space to share your creativity, your journey and your struggles (or a combination of the 3.) The main challenge is that, as you grow and your ‘blogger brand’ builds momentum AND a following you might find yourself being drawn in and sucked down by all of the tech issues that often comes with running a busy blog…you know, hosting, SEO, branding…it just goes on and on!

So we want to know how you juggle it all, how did you figure it out? Are you still trying to figure it out…we want to know.

1) Do you worry about all that techy stuff? (Or do you just let it stumble along regardless?) #Bloghour

2) Do you have a system or person you council to help you manage your SEO? #Bloghour

3) Are there any apps or programmes you utilise to help you manage the ‘tech side’ of your blog? (We’re talking SEO, content management, database building, newsletters etc.) #Bloghour

4) Do you enjoy learning about all of this stuff or is it more like the bain of your life? #Bloghour

5) What ‘tech’ advice would you give to anyone just getting started with their blog? #Bloghour

6) Is it worth it to invest in all of the ‘pro’ tools out there? Have you done this? We’d love to know your thoughts! #Bloghour

Thanks so much, we hope you’ll join us Tuesday 30th at 9pm over on our Twitter feed.

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