After the awesome blog tech #bloghour we had, we want to take a roundup of all the awesome advice that bloggers gave- there was a real mix of answers that came from 3 questions we asked. We found this chat SO interesting and it really highlights the power of our #Bloghour – we hope you’ll join us next week and networking, learn and grow your blog!

Are there any apps or programmes you utilise to help you manage the ‘tech side’ of your blog? (We’re talking SEO, content management, database building, newsletters etc.)

– Google Analytics for metrics, Yoast SEO on on-site metadata, for social media, @CampaignMonitor for emails, for Instagram, for writing, and a host of WordPress plugins… (Thanks @GamingDebugged)

single most important SEO plugin if you have a WordPress site. plugin for image optimisation & page speed monitoring. (A good one from Polly Buckland @TypefaceC)

Disqus for comments which is good because when readers have a good conversation going on it brings new traffic. I also use CampaignMonitor for email marketing because it has stronger reporting & more reliable delivery than Mailchimp (and no chimp branding)! (Interesting insight from @Midlifechic)

– We use for our & keyword research, native Insights, , Wix Shoutouts, Google Correlate and Twitter Analytics – amongst others. But, these are normally our first point of call. (A LOT of options from the amazing @MrktingIsland)

= the CMS of choice – easy & takes the stress out of publishing Super simple automated email newsletter client & reader database storage , & = all great content aggregators to gain more readers (oh wow @Newrising_media – you are awesome!)

, for my mailing list, and for scheduling, (Great advice @Esthernagle)

and other social media posts like twitter and Facebook I use (a very good selection from @SophiiesChoice)

What ‘tech’ advice would you give to anyone just getting started with their blog?

-For any new blogger that may be using a self hosted WordPress, then make sure you don’t install too many plugins and only ones you really need, just because you uninstall them, doesn’t mean that you will have a clean database!  (Very wise words from @KarenNWoodham)

-Keep it simple! Use a great template like one from and remember to look at your blog from the outside like a reader! (Amazing templates, thanks for the suggestion @elevatesportuk)

-Research the best web host for your requirements. It won’t be the cheapest. Choose a platform that allows you to grow. Invest in keyword research. Write a content plan to keep focus & to shape your SM activity. Think about your ‘personal brand’ (Even more golden nuggets from the incredible Polly Buckland – AKA @TypefaceC)

-Content content content. Read other people’s work, look at their blog structure, get aligned with your social media accounts, watch YouTube videos. Not the ones that tell you how to make millions. The rest will fall into place (YES! @IncNaturalist)

-Don’t try and do everything all at once. Have goals for the year & tick things of each month. Be consistent, keep writing – is king. We’d also say not to neglect your , look professional & beam character. Make sure your USP is defined from day 1. (Preach @MrktingIsland)

Is it worth it to invest in all of the ‘pro’ tools out there for your blog tech? Have you done this? We’d love to know your thoughts!

-All you need to pay for is your domain name to get self hosted and you’re off to a fabulous start (Love it @ItsMeganTaylor)

-I’ve gone with a few pro tools for wordpress, such as SocialWarfare NextScripts and Yoast, so far they have been worthy investments. (VERY helpful @KarenNWoodham)

-I find it’s worth paying for Disqus & Campaign Monitor plus a WordPress host provider, Hummingbird, a smushing tool for quicker load time & a pro slider to help my theme stand out. (@Midlifechic – great advice!)

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