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You graduated, What Now?

So after 3 long years of long lectures and early starts, you have finally obtained what everyone has been telling you “will be the keys to success”; your degree. Now like most of us you have noticed how hard it is to actually secure that dream job. You’ve probably been […]

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Guest Post: Mary-Kate, Editor | Student Wire | The Digital Age: A Degree, Not Quite Enough – Embrace Social Media

Going away to university is a big enough change on its own. Leaving home for the first time to embark on the journey to your degree. Once you get there though, you find out that your degree won’t be enough and that it’s time to find some work experience. I […]

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Guest Post: Lucy Ruthnum | Absolutely Lucy | How Blogging and Social Media has Changed my Life

UK Blog Awards 2015 – submission from Lucy Ruthnum, Absolute Lucy (nominated for Best Individual/Freelance Lifestyle and Travel Blog ). Twitter: @Absolutely_Lucy “This time last year, I had only been blogging for around three months, I had barely told anyone about my new lifestyle blog and was still trying to figure out how I wanted […]

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