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Engage, engage, engage – #Bloghour

And if the title of this post didn’t give it away then YES- the topic for this week’s #bloghour is in fact- ENGAGEMENT. A topic suggested by the lovely @yorkshiremumof4 who wants tips, advice and ideas on how to: Engage with your audience on Instagram Engage more with your Twitter followers Grow […]

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Let’s get down to {blogger} business! #Bloghour

Today we want to talk about a very interesting topic suggest by @BracesUK – UK Adult Braces – who is a regular ‘face’ on our #bloghour chats over on Twitter. His suggestion was: ‘We’ve had chats about monetising blogs but what about a focus on running the business side of […]

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Let’s get practical, practical – #Bloghour

This week’s #bloghour has been suggested by Nicola Francesca @FromNF who suggested that we discuss the more informative side of blogging….so tips, hints, ideas and practical content. We want to try and open up discussions about self care, recovery from any kind of abuse and the very big topic of […]

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Monetising, Maximising and Entrepreneurialism – #Bloghour

We’re getting a bit more business focussed this week with the #bloghour suggestion from Morphman the Clown – @MorphmanSL who’s idea was: ‘Perhaps something about alternative routes to monetize your blog, beside ads? Revenue stream diversification?’ We loved the idea, it’s something we’re always keen to support and promote at […]

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#BloggerBlackmail: When Does a Hobbyist Blogger become a Business Blogger | #BlogHour | Tuesday 18th August 2015

Yesterday, we sent out our generic weekly posts asking our fellows Bloggers if they would like to have any questions answered for this week’s #BlogHour. However, after noticing yesterdays trend, #BloggerBlackmail, we felt this would be an invaluable topic that required discussion during #BlogHour this week. Not up to date […]

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