It’s a pretty heavy subject, but Social Responsibility in a digital world is something we think we should all be interested in and talking about. With the reach of Influencers today, this can work for the good or harm of the wider public. Blogging is a powerful tool, that can be used to influence powerful emotions- it’s a tool that has been used in incredible ways to help those in need across the globe, but it has also become a means for spreading hatred, fear and harm.

Our questions this week are deep, we hope they don’t offend- at The UK Blog Awards we aim to learn more about you, about the Blogging Community and about where this incredible industry sits within the wider world.

Let’s just dive straight in shall we?

1) Is Social Responsibility something we should think or care about?

2) How much responsibility do we, in the Blogging world, have for ensuring we blog the truth and not fake news?

3) Is the responsibility ours or is it the audience’s to sift through?

4) How much responsibility do we have to blog the balanced view and not our own personal agendas?

5) Blogging is entirely Personal- so should we have to consider being balanced at all?

6) How or should we better monitor those Influencers who use their platform to spread harm and safeguard the wider public?

Thanks so much for checking in, we hope you enjoy #BlogHour this week!

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