Well, now that #UKBA18 is over for this year we’re firmly looking towards the future and how we can up our game, deliver a better experience and ensure we raise the profile of the UK Blog Awards for the blogging industry.

Whether you were an entrant, a finalist or nothing to do with the UK Blog Awards, one thing we all know for certain is that to grow and stay relevant in your industry you need to keep adapting, offering more and generally scaling up your blog and the content you put out there…

We are certainly focussing on how to offer more to the community 365 days of the year and for our 1 big event of the year to be a huge celebration and recognition of the entire blogging communities efforts. To do this however we need a game plan, a strategy and some tools at our disposal to ensure we can deliver on this.

Have you set yourself some BIG goals for 2018/19? Did you sit at the UK Blog Awards and say to yourself, ‘this time next year I’m going to be up there accepting the winners award’? Did you meet fellow bloggers who inspired you to get more brand bookings, more readers and more engagement on Social Media?

GREAT! That’s the whole point of it….being inspired (by a person, an article, an event etc.) is one of the best feelings, and we want to capitalise on those feelings and help you create a strategy for success (with the help of the amazing #bloghour community.)

So, onto the questions:

  1. What is your BIG goal for your blog for 2018/19? #Bloghour
  2. Do you use any tools (online or offline) to plan how you will achieve your goals? (please share them if you do!) #Bloghour
  3. How easy do you find goal setting/planning/executing? #Bloghour
  4. What drives you to achieve your blogging goals? #Bloghour
  5. Do you find it helps to share your goals with others or would you rather keep them to yourself? #Bloghour
  6. What will you reward yourself with once you’ve achieved your goals? (we’re thinking cake/party/holiday etc- think BIG!) #Bloghour

Thanks so much, really looking forward to talking to you at #Bloghour tonight at 9pm.

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