Another brand new category for 2019 and the blogger judge that we needed for this category was clear. John has done more for the mental health and wellness of the blogging community than most people we know. We are so honoured to have John on the team and to bring his very unique and thoughtful insight to the UK Blog Awards 2019.
You can read all about ‘The story of John Sennett’ on his blog here –
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Twitter: @thestoryofJS
Instagram: @thestoryofJS
What does being a judge for #UKB19 mean to you? 
When I started blogging, I was unaware of the blogging community. I felt alone. An outsider. I was the only person talking about my subject.
#UKBA19 means I can thank the community for accepting my flaws and quirks by continuing my value for uniqueness and individuality in content and personal story-telling. Being a #UKBA19 judge also shows that hard work and true dedication to your values can pay off.
What are you most looking forward to this awards season? 
I’m looking forward to finding new bloggers and exploring their content. I love connecting with new bloggers and reading what they love producing The awards season is also a great period of celebrating diversity in the blogging community and providing a platform for those who may not have been heard of to be heard. One voice is a form of influence, a group of voices is a movement.

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