We are over the moon to announce that the incredible blogger Sarah from Girl About House has joined our Academy of Judges.  

Sarah is an award-winning luxury interiors, fashion and lifestyle blogger at Girl About House girlabouthouse.com. With its polished, editorial aesthetic, detailed posts and high-quality imagery, Girl About House has gained considerable traction and acclaim since its ‘Best Newcomer Blog’ win at the Amara Interior Blog Awards in 2017. It been featured in many national publications and has received public and critical acclaim. The blog explores design trends, industry events and key sources of inspiration, all presented with an extremely personable yet professional tone.

In addition to running her blog, Sarah works as an interior designer. Her Hertfordshire-based studio, Sarah Mailer Design, creates luxury private residential spaces with a classic contemporary flavour in and around London.

Twitter: @girlabouthouse_    
Instagram:  @girlabouthouse  
​Facebook: @girlabouthouse  
Website:  www.girlabouthouse.com 
Oh and check out her incredible interior design business:  www.sarahmailerdesign.co.uk

What does being a judge for #UKB19 mean to you?       

I am incredibly excited to be part of #UKB19, working alongside esteemed bloggers and industry experts to celebrate the blogging world. I am incredibly flattered to have been chosen to judge the Design and Architecture category, which showcases some really outstanding blogs. I can’t wait to delve into this year’s entries!

What are you most looking forward to this awards season?

Celebrating the blogging community and all it has achieved! As a blogger myself, and having previously judged blog awards, I am well aware of the sheer amount of time and effort that goes into producing high quality online content. The awards night will be a big highlight as it will give us all an opportunity to step away from the laptop, network face to face and triumph in the successes of the industry!

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