We are so excited to have Gary Dick as our travel judge, we want to have Gary in our Academy of Judges because of his absolute dedication to being the best blogger he can possibly be. This is one of the most important attributes to have as a blogger, a commitment to constantly improving and being the best version of yourself that you can be. Gary is going to bring an incredible level of support and knowledge to this category and bloggers can trust that he has their back!
Make sure you check out Gary’s blog (which has had a stunning make over) at NextOnTheMap – www.NextOnTheMap.co.uk
Don’t forget to follow Gary over on social media:
Instagram: Instagram.com/NextOnTheMap
Twitter: Twitter.com/NextOnTheMap
What does being a judge for #UKB19 mean to you?
To be a part of the judging process behind the UK blog Awards 2019 is an absolute honour. After being shortlisted for the finals in 2018 and gaining some valuable feedback I owe so much of my blogs continued success to the UK Blog Awards team. To be able to help and offer feedback to someone who’s position I’ve been in means a lot as I feel I can now give back and return the help I was given. I understand the value of this award ceremony and everything else involved so to be an integral part of it all means a great deal!
What are you most looking forward to this awards season?
I am super excited to discover some new unique travel blogs and I look forward to checking out all of the fantastic content! The blogging community is so strong, it will be great to come together and build further links and take the world of blogging to the next level. I’m also very pleased to be focussing in specifically on the travel category. I believe travel can cause positive change in every aspect of life and being able to find and highlight those who produce content displaying this will be very exciting!

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