We are so honoured that two times UK Blog Awards winner Catherine Summers of Not Dressed As Lamb is our dedicated Fashion Blogger Judge! With an incredible pedigree, a refreshing outlook on this category and fantastic style in ALL that she does, we feel very privileged to have her on board.
Don’t forget you can read Catherine’s blog: Not Dressed As Lamb right here > https://notdressedaslamb.com
You can follow Catherine here: 
Twitter: @notlamb
Instagram: @notlamb
Facebook: notdressedaslamb
What does being a judge for #UKB19 mean to you?  
I simply couldn’t be prouder to be a fashion category judge for UKBA19 – or more excited! Having been a UK Blog Awards finalist four times and a winner twice, I really wanted to stay involved with this fantastic organisation but in a different way. I wanted to make a contribution in whatever way I could, and applying to be a judge seemed like a natural progression. Blogging has changed and grown so much even since the awards started and to be part of something that celebrates such incredible content creators in a very high profile way is a great honour. I can’t wait to get my teeth into what I think will be a tough but very challenging role… it goes without saying I’m really excited to see who our fashion finalists will be.
What are you most looking forward to this awards season?
As a fashion judge the answer is obvious: the dresses of course! It’s great to see everyone dress up and I hope everyone goes all-out with the black tie and gowns. But ultimately the most important part of awards season is the recognition of the vast talent that’s out there, no matter how new or established the blogs are, and no matter how small or large their followings. It’s important to recognise and reward the hard work, hours and dedication that bloggers, content creators and influencers put into what they do (especially as the media so often gives them a hard time). Having been a winner myself and knowing what that feeling of hearing your name being announced is like, I can’t wait to see the reactions of everyone who wins in 2019…!

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