To share good practice across the health and third sector has been a vital ingredient for development over the years. All businesses and organisations now network with each other Face to Face and virtually to ensure they are on top of their game, seen as a proactive thought leader in their line of work and use the Magpie approach to continue with their own professional development.

Clinical effectiveness is one example where the Health Industry share knowledge between stakeholders and practitioners –> To ensure that ‘best practice’, based on evidence of effectiveness where such evidence exists, is used. During 2013 there has been a real focus in the media on patient autonomy and developing  within the NHS and system around End of Life Care (we have only touched the surface here across the Healthcare Sector!).

The health care system will unfortunately never escape controversy and us Brits can be rather pessimistic and look at the negatives, rather than the positives. However, over the years there have been some great recognition programmes and awards events such as  and to honour the hard work and achievements of individual’s and organisations across the UK.

But the question we want to pose is: Are Health Industry Blogs by individuals and organisations recognised and acknowledged for their innovative and proactive content to create experience? Opinions and thought leaders are what drives ambition and development forward. Normally individuals are trying to make a difference within their organisations, being a small fish in a large pond. Today society can use Social Media to their advantage (carefully we may like to add!), using Blogs and other platforms to voice their opinions and share content = innovatively sharing good practice.

If you know someone or you work for an organisation or individually Blog and want to be heard, we want to hear from you!

Don’t forget to virtually network with us every Tuesday from 9-10pm GMT on Twitter using #BlogHour !

You as an individual or organisation can enter the awards from Monday 14th October 2014. To receive an email reminder please email  and use the words ENTRY REMINDER in the subject box.

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