Today we launched the new shiny, UK Blog Awards 2016 website. We are delighted to welcome headline supporter,  on board, as well as PR, Media, Marketing and Communications sponsor, Hills Balfour. Other category sponsor will be announced very soon!

We are now less than 7 days until the UK Blog Awards 2016 goes live for entries. Entries will be receive via the website and you will have the opportunity to gain even more exposure this time. Each candidate will have control over their very own profile which will market and showcase your blog in the best way possible, after all you have worked for it.

But before then, we have another engaging #BlogHour lined up for our individual and company blogging community. Last week, we ask via a Twitter poll what topic you would like to discuss. The verdict: Plan For The Future received 57% of the votes. We hope you are able to join the conversation this evening and find the questions below of interest:

Q1. When you hear the term ‘Blogging’, what do you think and define this as? #BlogHour
Q2. How far in advance do you plan your posts and do you have a post organising system? #BlogHour
Q3. Images and Videos seem to be the future in terms of social media marketing. How do you think platforms such as Instagram will evolve? #BlogHour
Q4. The theme for #UKBA16 is Best of British. What is your favourite thing about being a British blogger? #BlogHour #UKBlogger
Q5.  Are you organised with emails? If yes or no, have you used a FREE CRM platform – what are your favourites? #BlogHour
Q6. Where do you see your Blog and you in 5 years time? #BlogHour

Don’t forget to use the #BlogHour hashtag in your tweets, as well as sharing your posts and networking with like minded bloggers – but, most importantly, enjoy!

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