The Blog Announcement for the 12 Industry Categories has officially begun!

Over the following weeks, our Blog Team will announcement which industries will be eligible to put themselves or their organisations forward to be in the chance of winning their first National UK Blog Award 2014©.

To kick off the announcements, we are delighted to tell all you Wedding Industry Professionals that you will be included within our recognised Blog Award categories! Congrats!

Lets face it, Weddings have been going on forever but over the years has developed a further rewarding experience for Brides to plan their big day. Brides to be, who do not specialise in the industry have their chance to create and design their own event from scratch. It is a time where family and friends come together to celebrate their love ones nuptials.

It is questionable where would the Wedding industry be without the web, trusted suppliers and over the coming years, Blogging professionals.

Organisations offer their professional services to assist in creating a couples dream wedding into a reality. Back in the day, organisations would advertise and rely on business primarily via newspaper and word of mouth. The web came along, making searches for particular products more accessible and positively increasing companies revenue through clever sales and marketing techniques. Today the wedding industry has developed to new level introducing innovative social media networking, allowing organisations to update their Blogs with useful information and advertising their products effectively.

As well as Wedding Organisations, we have individual professionals advising couples on the good, the bad, creative and the ugly within the industry. Brides and Grooms can receive sound and trusted advice and reviews on products, design and theming for their big day. Some individual Bloggers might already work for a specialist organisation, expressing their own views on the industry and others may have a pressing urge to tell the world about their thoughts and experiences. Previously, this would have been unheard of, expressing oneself and providing ones opinion and guidance to an unknown and untrusted virtual audience was initially a scary thought – some may even argue that it is still is!

Individuals and Organisations spend a huge amount of time and effort developing and implementing blog strategies to inspire not just engaged couples, but also competitors and collaborative organisations. Here at Team Blog Awards, it is clearly apparent why we have chosen the Wedding Industry to be apart of our Blog Award Category. Let the wedding bells chime and recognition for the Bloggers of the wedding industry commence!

Entries for the awards will open on Monday 14th October 2013. To receive an email reminder please email  and use the words ENTRY REMINDER in the subject box.

Good Luck!

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