Yoohoo! It’s us, ODEON again!

It’s less than 3 weeks to the BIG night. In between shopping for frocks at our friends at Debenhams fashion event, and furiously planning a few surprises for the ceremony; we’re squeezing in another #BlogHour!

And this time it’s a little bit different. You’ve been so generous with your time, honesty and expertise answering all the questions we’ve thrown at you. We think it’s time to return the favour.

If you’ve ever wondered how to approach a brand, how to make them pay attention and how to get what you want out of them, we’re on hand to help you out. From budgets to brand guidelines and events to exclusivity arrangements, you can ask us what you like!

So on Tuesday 12 April join us and the #UKBA at 9pm. We’ll be answering a series of your questions and you’ve still got time to send them in to the UKBA team. Six of the best will be have been chosen and we look forward to answering and discussing at 9pm:

Q1. Do gimmicks ever work or is it best to have a direct approach? Via 

Q2. How do you find the best person to contact in a company? Via #BlogHour

Q3. What are your top marketing tips? As a large organisation you could inspire small companies on promotion that works. Via  #BlogHour

Q4. How could you work with bloggers in the future and utilise their wide reach? Via  #BlogHour

Q5. What’s the best way for a new blogger to get their posts noticed, drive traffic to their blog and engage with their desired audience? Via  #BlogHour

Q6. Is it best to wait for brands to get in touch with you or to get in touch with them in the first instance? Via  #BlogHour

Email your questions to .

It’s time to turn the tables and put us in the hot seat! See you then!

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