We know we’ve kind of touched on this topic before….BUT this suggestion, from the fantastic @KarenWoodham over on Twitter is still a very relevant topic and one that we NEVER talk too much about.

Having a blog niche is a great idea, it’s a fantastic way of being ‘recognised’ for something…definitely helps when you’re entering awards (cough cough) and of course it’s much easier from a ‘focus’ and content planning perspective.


What happens if you want to diversify? Or you see an opportunity to talk about something different…or maybe your life just takes a new turn (like you have a baby, move country, have a career change, finish your studies etc etc.)

Let’s talk about this ok? Join us tonight at 9pm over on Twitter and let’s chat about your blogging niche. 

Q1) Have you diligently committed to a blogging niche (if so tell us what it is!) #Bloghour

Q2) Have you ever wanted to talk about something else and introduced that into your blog? (again, tell us what it is!) #Bloghour

Q3) Were you met with resistance when you wanted to talk about something new or did you find that it just increased your audience? #Bloghour

Q4) What do you think is the most important thing to consider when you want to ‘expand your niche’? #Bloghour

Q5) Are there any big ‘no no’s’ when it comes to talking about something new? and (sneaking a cheeky second question in here) is there ever a time in your blogging career when you’ve actually felt you COULDN’T introduce a new topic? (even if you wanted to) #Bloghour

Q6) If you could talk about ANYTHING new….the world is your oyster….what would it be? (Just go crazy, no idea’s a bad idea!) #Bloghour

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