We are very excited to sponsor the  category for the UK Blog Awards 2017 as it is a category close to our hearts. On Tuesday 1st November from 9-10pm via Twitter we will be co-hosting #BlogHour from our  channel with.

But before we do, we want to sweep you away into what Holland can offer as a destination of Arts, Culture, Travel and Food.

Indulge your passion in Holland: whether it’s art, architecture, canals, cycling, Royal Delft or Amsterdam that motivate you to visit, let that be the inspiration for planning your perfect trip. Hop on a train from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and you’ll be in Leiden, The Hague, Rotterdam or Utrecht before you know it! A short 30 minute train journey shows just how compact the different cities in Holland actually are making it easy to travel from one city to the next. Discover a welcoming nation and experience Holland’s unique icons and diverse cities in just a few days. Holland. As compact as a city.

Which of the above drew you in? We hope for a second you felt whisked away into our world of Holland and the cannot wait to discuss further with you next Tuesday at 9pm – we are very excited to hear your responses and to chat with you further. Check out the questions below:

Q1. What should always be in place for a successful press trip for bloggers? #BlogHour via 

Q1b. Do you expect to be paid to attend a press trip or work with a Tourism Board? #BlogHour via 

Q2. On group press trips would you prefer to travel just with other bloggers and influencers or do you like to mix with traditional print media as well? #BlogHour via 

Q3. What is more important for you to cover seeing new, off the beaten track destinations or proven popular cities such as Amsterdam? #BlogHour via 

Q4. What makes good visual content on a press trip? Do you want to capture locations, food, events, festivals? #BlogHour via 

Q5. What do you think is the right amount of coverage to expect from a blogger after a press trip? #BlogHour via 

Q6. Are guided tours and interview opportunities important during a press trip or do you prefer to discover by yourself? #BlogHour via 

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