We’re getting a bit more business focussed this week with the #bloghour suggestion from Morphman the Clown – @MorphmanSL who’s idea was:

‘Perhaps something about alternative routes to monetize your blog, beside ads? Revenue stream diversification?’

We loved the idea, it’s something we’re always keen to support and promote at The UK Blog Awards. Bloggers work so hard curating and creating content that inspires, educates and engages their readers. The natural next step is surely to monetise their efforts? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a financially free life where your only job was to write your content and converse with your audience? #livingthedream

Diversifying the revenue streams on your blog could be an excellent step into becoming a full time blogger, so we want to explore all of the different ways you can make money from your platform. We have included a question about advertising because there are SOOOO many different types of ads you can have – we think it’s worth discussing them all.

Even if you’re a hobby blogger with absolutely no plans to turn it into a full time blog, is there any harm in offering targetted ads or sponsored content to your audience that is both relevant and helpful to them? We love the idea that carefully curated brand partnerships can build your blogging profile as well as servicing many needs in your industry.

Q1) Do you use any form of advertising on your website? (if so which kind?) #Bloghour

Q2) Have you explored the world of affiliate marketing yet? #Bloghour

Q3) Which affiliate marketing software/platform do you use? #Bloghour

Q4) What other ways have you monetised your blogging efforts? #Bloghour

Q5) What do you find the most difficult aspect about making money through your blog? #Bloghour

Q6) Have you considered selling a product or service from your blog? #Bloghour

For more ideas and advice around monetising your blogging efforts we found these articles really useful:

  • Great explanation of all of the different types of on site advertising from Blogging 101
  • It’s a bit sale’sy but WP Beginners have some great ideas for monetising your blogging efforts
  • Amy Lynn Andrews has an excellent Affiliate Marketing ebook to get you all set up in the world of affiliates
  • Forbes has a couple more ideas to add into the mix for you…there’s a lot of repetition but some solid gold nuggets there.

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