As far as Blogging goes in terms of the Events Industry, it is very clear that this is industry has been on top of its game for many years now. To be recognised as a true thought leader in this industry, it is becoming unheard not to have a Blog presence in the virtual world.

Here are a few facts on why Industry profs Blog today:
– Today 92% of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog.
– Over 15 million Tweeters use their Blog to promote their business and personal profile
– There are over 41% more Bloggers today than there were three years ago

Our #EventProfsUK community have well and truly made their stamp on the innovative Blogging map. Event Management Companies and E-Magazines such as: , and  use Blogging to cleverly market themselves, link up competitors and share industry news to their virtual audience. Some may agree, guest Bloggers are slightly controversial – but, hey that’s what Blogging is all about. Readers want conflicting thoughts, the Event industry want to be challenged – arguably if you don’t, you might be in the wrong industry, testing creative excellence is a must!

In recent years, the UK Events Industry has had a lots to live up in comparison to their overseas Blogging buddies with Julius Solaris (Event Industry Category Judge!) being the  leading the way on Content Marketing/ SM Strategy and  being a great thought leader and founder of the famous Twitter #eventprofs – we have only picked a few out here, there are many more!

Awards programmes are currently on offer in the UK to recognise social media and technology Blogging enthusiasts who very much have a solid virtual presence in the Events Industry. But is there an actual recognition to represent the industry experts that cover the whole of #eventprofsuk industry. The simple answer, no.
UK Event professionals do not only Blog about Digital Media and EventTech, but cover innovative topics such as Green Events, Worldwide Event Trends and Findings, Strategic Event Marketing, Event Case Studies and generally talking about creating true event experiences. Not forgetting or denying that the above topics are now difficult to achieve without our clever tech tools, so this should also not go uncelebrated!

The UK Blog Awards programme has been set up to recognise event industry professional’s work and inspirations, whether it be their own individual Blogs or representing their company. Social Media knowledge is key and on Blogging trend right now, but if you think your Blog has what it takes and offers an all round knowledge, we advise you put yourself forward and position yourself highly on that Event pedestal!

The reflection is clear, UK Event profs are experts, ambitious and true thought leaders, forever challenging themselves, their competitive partners and connecting through the realms of Social Media. It is now time to venture out and expand to network and connect with other industry Blogging peeps across the UK.

Entries for the awards will open on Monday 14th October 2013. To submit your entry FREE please follow the link: 

Good Luck!

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