Our #Bloghour this week is kind of deep…. it’s very deep but rightly so. Let us start by saying that we love nothing more than reading all your amazing blogs, finding new and incredible content and just generally getting an insight into your lives. We even love a good scroll through Instagram and Twitter- checking out the latest ‘hot topics’ and lifestyle updates from the millions (and yes, billions) of people out there creating digital content daily, weekly and monthly.

HOWEVER, yep, this is where the but comes in… there has also been a lot of talk, discussion and concern about the welfare of anyone online, about the toll it takes in not just creating content that’s ‘readable’ and therefore must provide the reader with some form of entertainment (not just light-hearted) but is also being compared against other bloggers and digital Influencers. We worry about all of you incredible bloggers out there, crafting your own brand and creating content that is straight from the heart…because there’s such truth and honesty in what most people write- we want to know:

How’s your mental health?

In an era of Instagram profiles that rival even the most Kardashianesque lifestyle, fitness journeys that tell an enviable path from ‘buff’ to ‘buffer’ and even parenting shots that paint a world where PND and everyday family struggles don’t exist- do you find yourself feeling you’re well…. lacking? It’s hard not to compare yourself against some of the content out there, especially when some of the bright and beautiful Influencers are racking up millions of fans and 000’s of 0000’s of pounds worth of business and sponsorship.

We hope you don’t mind this week’s topic being a little bit heavier than usual…we believe that Mental Health is a topic that shouldn’t be ignored or shied away from and YOU deserve the opportunity to discuss it and how it relates to your journey:

Q1) What do you think/How do you feel about the role Mental Health is now playing in the lives of many Digital Influencers?

Q2) Do you think the unregulated world of Digital Influencers is causing more Mental Health problems or do you think it’s opening up better dialogue?

Q3) What impact do you think the Digital Influencer world is having on younger content creators?

Q4) Do you take any responsibility for your own portrayal of your content and how your audience might perceive it?

Q5) What do you think could/should be done to improve Digital Influencer’s responsibility with content?

Q6) Can you share any of your #MentalHealth struggles that you may have encountered because of your blogging? (No pressure here- only if you want to!)

Thank you in advance for your honesty and openness- by talking about #Mentalhealth and raising the day-to-day issues you encounter we’re really bringing awareness to a very important subject that affects us all.

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