This week’s #bloghour has been suggested by Nicola Francesca @FromNF who suggested that we discuss the more informative side of blogging….so tips, hints, ideas and practical content. We want to try and open up discussions about self care, recovery from any kind of abuse and the very big topic of mental health. But this chat isn’t just reserved for those harder hitting topics, we want to talk about whether you’re putting out content that your readers can actually use and impliment. We LOVE those bloggers out there who are giving us our daily dose of reading delight, but we’d also love to hear from those bloggers who have crafted their platform to bring something else to their readership. Maybe you’re a crafting blog, maybe a DIY guru? Or maybe you’re taking on the very real and important subjects we’ve mentioned above.

Join us tonight over on our Twitter feed at 9pm and let’s discuss!

Q1) Does your blog have an element of practicality to it? (By that we mean tips, ideas, how-to’s, tutorials, help, guidance, practical help) #Bloghour

Q2) How do you like to deliver this content? Do you have a preferred method? #Bloghour

Q3) Do you think this content is more succesful vs your other ‘standard’ content (by that we mean a blog post discussing something you’ve done, worn, reviewed, thought etc.) #Bloghour

Q4) How important is it (do you think) to be addressing the very real topics (such as mental health, recovery, sel-care) in your blog? #Bloghour

Q5) What considerations does a blogger need to make to start creating content like this? #Bloghour

Q6) Is there a blogger out there doing THIS type of content really well? TAG AWAY! #Bloghour

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