Today we want to talk about a very interesting topic suggest by @BracesUK – UK Adult Braces – who is a regular ‘face’ on our #bloghour chats over on Twitter. His suggestion was:

‘We’ve had chats about monetising blogs but what about a focus on running the business side of a successful blog. Could include providing services, planning, working with clients and coaching and mentoring.’

We LOVE this topic, and it’s something that even we (here at UKBA HQ) are thinking about, you create a strong brand…you talk about amazing topics and give tonnes of value (because that’s the aim of your blog right?) HOW do you think you can monetise it in a way that is congruent with your values?

So on tonight’s #bloghour chat THIS is what we’ll be discussing:

Q1) Have you used your blog to make money? #bloghour

Q2) How do you make your money through your blog? #bloghour

Q3) Have you ever considered offering coaching/mentoring through your blog? Either ABOUT Blogging or through your given blogging niche? #bloghour

Q4) Do you actively approach people/companies/brands that you want to work with you and ‘pitch’ your services? (or do you have an agent/do they come to you?) #bloghour

Q5) Are there any services or products you would LOVE to provide? If so what are they? #Bloghour

Q6) Do you have a marketing funnel/process at the moment for generating customers? (if so share your tips!) #Bloghour

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