Ever heard the term Snapfluencer before? Thought not. Put simply, a Snapfluencer is an avid  user who influences their followers through the content they share. Clever, huh? Or are they just delivering their story in an authentic and creative way. In marketing speak, we use the term, Storytelling.

Snapfluencers often have hoards of followers watching their videos or ‘stories’ day after day. They have in turn, built community and their own Snap Brand and are now leading the way across social media as the millennial vloggers. With more brands choosing to embrace this current advertising trend, it looks like Snapfluencers are here to stay. Afterall, EVERYTHING will be video led in five years time. We all know this stat by now, so now is the time to embrace.

How can you become a Snapfluencer, and how can you make it work?

Find a niche style. Embrace it. 
If you have a strong social media following, chances are you’re extremely popular in your chosen niche and as they say, popularity speaks. For others starting from scratch, building a community, finding your voice and a particular theme for each social media channel can be challenging. The important thing is that your audience remembers your content and that it is relateable.

The first question you need to ask yourself is, why do you go back to other snapchatters content? Is it because of normality, empathy, humour, uniqueness, theme and if so, which style would you apply.

The key thing. Find your niche style and stick to it. The result? Your target audience finds it easier to identify you and your messaging. You can then tailor your future Snapchat videos in order to appeal to your audience, therefore making your content more relevant and interesting to watch.

Make Your ‘Stories’ Fun
Although cool selfies and straight-talking-to-the-camera pictures and videos are acceptable. It is now time to go beyond that.

With any social channel it is important to offer varied content. When you plan your content, ensure that the content, the setting, location and environment has been carefully considered. Sure, you want some continuity to maintain your brand, but not everyone wants to view your four bedroom walls, even if unicorns are present.

You can mix up your content outside of your regular filming environment; holidays, events, meet ups, stunts will showcase to your audience the person behind the influencer brand.

Avoid Spamming without Breaking the Rules
Don’t over endorse or over do your content. Too many endorsement on your Snapchat channel, can lead to you spamming your followers. Growing your following organically is key, with influence and reach being a stronger tool than followers.

Keep it Snappy
Less, can be more. Your followers are much more likely to watch your stories if they are short, snappy and deliver what they intend to. Question what the intention of your Story is.

More than 10-15 snaps posted to your story within a 24 hour time period is not our recommendation, but hey, if your content is relatable, share away!

Whilst ensuring that your content is short, snappy ad effective, mix up your delivery of content using text features, geo stickers and create your very own  to personal your content further.

How SnapChat is Changing Tutorial Delivery
To vary your content and grow following, to be seen as a Snapfluencers, we all know tutorials lead the way to build community. Followers rarely have the time to sit down and watch a 20 minute  videos on how to apply the latest smokey eye trend. A quick Snapchat story – a series of clips that can be viewed individually or collectively – allows viewers to skip through any part of the tutorial they don’t really need to watch, and they can see the finished result in an instant.

The UK Blog Awards will begin our SnapChat journey next week at the Sports, Fitness and Health Mixer Event in association with  and . Be sure to follow the channel for judges and entrant insights, as well as event coverage and all things content! 

We cannot wait to follow your journey of filters and snaps, perhaps even through SnapChat Inc. newly launched and event Spectacles. If you’re thinking of becoming the next big thing, get Snapping away!

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