UK Blog Awards Academy of Judges is now open!

Are you interested in joining the Academy of Judges for our future UK Blog Awards Events? We are currently accepting judges applications for our #UKBA19 in April 2019. You can apply using this form.

To keep up with UK Blog Awards news and events you can do the following:

UK Blog Awards Overview

The UK Blog Awards is a UK based competition that recognises content creators in the UK. We cover a wide variety of topics and we offer a wide range of opportunities to feature the voices of our community.

What We Look For

We are passionate about our judging roster representing the richness of our community and the blogosphere. We are committed to recruiting a heterogeneous chorus of voices, reflecting diversity across many dimensions. We are also dedicated to bringing fresh, new voices and ideas to the forefront of blogging.

Become a Judge and/or speaker at UK Blog Awards Events

The best way to be considered as a judge/speaker at a UK Blog Awards events is to submit yourself or someone you are inspired by for consideration as a judge (or speaker) via this form or submit a 'call for ideas' via email to:

The Call For Ideas lets the blogging community submit panel, topic, event and speaker recommendations for our events.

We announce any Call For Ideas on our website, through social media, and through our newsletters. So, again, we recommend you:

What is required to be a judge at the UK Blog Awards?

UKBA Judges are not required to have previous judging experience. 

  • You will be asked to sign and return a Judges Agreement in a timely fashion
  • We will ask for your headshot and a 150-word bio to help us promote your appearance
  • We will provide "I'm a Judge" blog bling/badges for use on your site
  • We will plan a minimum of 2 hourly calls with you throughout the judging process, and a maximum 2 in person meet-ups in London to work through and support you through the judging process.
  • On the evening of the UK Blog Awards you will have the opportunity to speak (for up to 1 minute), this require a rehearsal and sign off of your chosen presentation.

Note: Each judge's Judging Agreement will have the specific dates and deadlines associated with that event

Judging or Speaker Submissions from a PR Agency or Business

If you are a PR agency interested in helping bring your client to UK Blog Awards Events, you can follow the channels listed out above. If you’re actually looking to get your clients or their products/services in front of the thousands of influencers in our audience, including via focused meetups or workshops, you may achieve that goal through sponsorship. Please contact for more information about our unique and exciting sponsorship opportunities for your brand or business!

Thanks for your interest in UK Blog Awards' Events! We look forward to working with you!