We’ve all been there, you find a blog post or Insta account you LOVE and you start reading and scrolling….then, before you know it- you’ve just lost an hour! Looking at other people’s content online, or researching your own blog topic is so important. It keeps you inspired, growing and lets you see what’s out there, but where does it become too much?

This week we want to know all about how you manage your time, how do you organise yourself with writing your blog, researching, getting inspired, living your life and of course, managing all of the usual day to day STUFF (you know, like a job….kids….other halves etc.)

It’s one of our biggest struggles over here at UK Blog Awards HQ- we LOVE interacting with you, we love creating content and just ‘being’ in the Bloggesphere…but we also have to build the business, organise an AMAZING event for you in April and of course get everything ready for you to nominate your favourite blogs (and vote of course!) – it’s a never ending to-do list! So we’re hoping we can all share a little bit of knowledge and guidance for managing your time, you goals and your to-do list.

So please join us tonight at 9pm over on our Twitter Account:

1) Do you have a structure for your weekly ‘to-dos’? (you know, the stuff that has to get done every single day/week?
2) How do you manage your time for the week? (Any apps/lists/planners you can recommend!)
3) How do you prioritise your workload?
4) How important is it that you spend time getting inspired for your blog content?
5) Do you ever find that creating rigidity in your day actually stifles your creativity?
6) What would your ideal day look like?

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