Let’s not lie to ourselves. We all love the guilty pleasure that is, Eurovision. William Lee Adams is the brainchild of,  and has worked hard over the years to not only cover the music genre based event, but has acheived a strong community following.
Since wiwibloggs win, the Blog has been featured in worldwide press as well as acheiving 25 million page views on across the site. During this interview, read how wiwibloggs has been motivated to be bigger and how to always focus on the positives and rising above the trolls!

Tell our readers a bit about you and your Blog content..

wiwibloggs is the world’s most-read independent web site devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest — and the associated euro-pop music genre. We take our readers closer to their favourite Eurovision stars of yesterday and today, following them at festivals, visiting their homes and welcoming them for sit-downs at the studio. We report news, publish reviews and film discussions every single day, all-year-round. For several years the blog was just me and my lap top, but it’s ballooned to include contributors all over the world.

Since your big win, where are you now?

Since our win at UKBA, we’ve been featured in dozens of international media outlets (including the  and ) and watched interest in the blog and  grow significantly. We’ve clocked more than 25 million page views on the web site and around 20 million views on our YouTube channel since then. I’ve received hundreds of e-mails from people hoping to join the team, and slowly but surely mainstream brands have started to recognise how we can help them reach people interested not only in pop music, but also travel, fashion and culture more broadly.

Do you think winning a UK Blog Award has helped progress your Blog career?

The UK Blog Award is an external stamp of approval — away from the world — that really helped motivate me to think bigger. We’re now exploring how we can leverage our following to create a real business. The award has also helped cement our credibility, which makes us more appealing to brands. They know that they can trust us since UKBA has, in a sense, already “screened” us. P.S. If there are any business-oriented readers out there keen to help me take this to another level, please get in touch!

So far, what has been the highlight of your Blog career?

Last May, when Sweden’s state broadcaster SVT was hosting Eurovision, they hired me and one of my fellow blogmates to provide commentary for their three Eurovision pre-shows the week of the contest. It was live and in prime time — a real adrenaline rush! More than 80% of people in Sweden watch Eurovision, so the audience was massive and the experience was unforgettable.

If you were able to go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself about Blogging?

In a stack of positive comments it’s easy to focus on the negative one and let it get under your skin. Try not to do this. There are so many trolls out there and their negative comments about you say much more about them than you and your work. Recognise them for what they are and move on. Just remember: They’re taking the time to read or watch your content, think about your content and then respond to your content. You’ve already won! As you build an audience you’ll be too busy responding to the love to deal with the hate.

Would this be the same advice to a Blogger starting out?


To those who are nominated or entering into the UK Blog Awards, what advice would you give?

Everyone likes to smile. Showcase the parts of your work that make you happy.

Finally, this year’s UK Blog Awards 2017 theme is #BlogHero. How would you define a hero in the blogosphere?

A blog here is anyone brave enough and bold enough to keep going. That’s all of us!

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