The Dating category was newly introduced to the UK Blog Awards for 2016, thanks to dating guru and now  and we were delighted to award, Katy from  as the individual Dating category win in 2016. As you will read, a Blog can initially begin as a hobby or a personal diary account of your day to day life.
We see many of our entrants content spiral into an influencer career. Katy’s blog story illsutrates just how this can be done, with six years later, winning a UK Blog Awards and working some of the biggest names in the business. We hope you enjoy reading as much as we have.

Tell our readers a bit about you and your Blog content..
My blog, started as a personal dating account but has now developed into a more general dating & relationship blog, covering everything from first date nerves, celebrity break ups and the latest sex toys on the market! It’s in its sixth year now and something I am very proud of.

Since your big win, where are you now? 
It’s been a fabulous year in terms of my writing and along with the blog I have been asked to write for National papers including,  and  – I speak regularly on LBC and BBC radio and was thrilled to be a guest speaker on  a few months ago. My latest challenge is bridging the world of vlogging and I intend to be breaking the internet on You Tube by the end of the year!

Do you think winning a UK Blog Award has helped progress your Blog career? 
Absolutely. It’s a highly prestigious award and one which is recognised, not just in the blogging world, but across a range of different industries too – It’s one of my proudest achievements to date and I do believe it has helped in both boosting my readership and getting other writing commissions too.
So far, what has been the highlight of your Blog career? 
The blog awards of course! ;  )
If you were able to go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself about Blogging?
Be fearless about what you write.  At the beginning of the blog I was more conscious about what other people might think about my opinion, now I couldn’t care less and find that actually, it’s often the more controversial posts which get the best hits and most interactive reaction.  People want to read something that will interest them and maybe challenge their own opinions – and the beauty of a blog, having your own platform, is that you supply that. To me the more honest and open a person is on their blog the more authentic and interesting it is to read.
Would this be the same advice to a Blogger starting out?  
Sometimes, even after this many years I stare at a blank screen for half an hour before I put anything down on it but the key is just to get the posts going, to get words on proverbial paper and get it out there!  Really use social media to get yourself known in the blogging community too, many of my readers are through Twitter and I would count social media as the most successful way of growing your blog.  In additon, I would also say know your niche. Whether it’s model aeroplanes or global travel, knowing your subject and becoming an ‘expert’ in your field is key to a good blog.  Too general and you become Jack or all trades master of none!
To those who are nominated or entering into the UK Blog Awards, what advice would you give?
No advice needed at that stage – the fact that they’re committed enough to their blog to get to that stage is fantastic and even without a win, something to be proud of.
Finally, this year’s UK Blog Awards 2017 theme is #BlogHero. How would you define a hero in the blogosphere?  
A bloghero to me is someone who’s committed to their blog, it can feel like a hard slog at the beginning, but knowing people who have written their blog through thick and thin is very inspiring – that and anyone who makes me laugh. The blogs I return to are definitely the ones with a sense of humour!

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