The Media and Communications world is ever-changing, moving and developing at a pace faster than light (or in fact, that is what it may feel like to some!). Professionals are extremely challenged to keep on top of new findings, channels and techniques.

Blogging and other social media platforms have provided and perhaps some may agree, been the saviour to discovering new techniques and trends. Without Media and Communications would your average Joe Blogs know what is going on with Wimbledon (big congrats to ! ) or that the NHS is celebrating its 65th Birthday on Friday 5th July 2013 (just look at the , with some fab Blogs already!), the short answer is, probably not.

The Media and Communications Industry is therefore, our 9th and well deserved Blog Category under the National UK Blog Awards banner.

Media and Communications has been responsible for good things and bad things, ‘tapping’ into innocent individuals and celebrities personal records to name the most common of the bunch. But do not fear – here at the  HQ’s we are not ones to concentrate on the negatives. Delivering positive news is what drives communication forward and lifts the spirits of society, even though the sayings are true, ‘bad press is good press’ and ‘any news is good news’.

Currently in the 21st century, stakes in the world of Communications and Media are high. During this Blog we have looked at what makes Media and Communications Blogs a success for Brands:

The  Brand have really thought about how to deliver their communications and illustrate a sense of community to the media. Puma now have 5 Creative Factory’s residing in Prague, Dubai, Moscow, Budapest and Bucharest where individuals and ideally, the younger generation put their imagination to inspirational use whilst Puma supply the materials. Puma are therefore, creating a community feel and security whilst developing recognition for their brand.

You may have seen a lot of good things and bad things in the media about the NHS (via the ) recently. Lots of changes are in full swing with the restructure of how the NHS works and to develop a better experience for the patients of the UK. Individuals of society want to feel secure and welcome, brands that illustrate humanity will achieve trust and the right brand recognition, we hope. Good luck  and again many happy returns at 65!

Everyone looks to each other: friends, family and society for advice and
opinions – your own media and communications.  is a landmark organisation which allows its peers to communicate and channel its own media communications. There are many other organisations that are allowing peers to share support in product ideas and brands to move their ideas forward.

To keep things simple can be one of the most successful and effective channels via media and communications. Blogging and Social Media are prime examples of simplifying media. And  is another prime example, where it has recently introduced the recognition of the famous #Hashtag. The useful hashtag approach, founded by  creates a lot of positives in the world of advertising. To break things down here is what it the Hashtag in the world of Facebook will offer advertisers:
Makes content more searchable
2. Generates further interest in
data posted
3. The hashtag engagement search
tool provides advertisers with the tool to target their audiences, enabling
advertisements to reach a much wider and targeted audience.

It goes without saying that individuals must be creative in the content and
advertisements that they deliver through communications. The ‘’ brand has been extremely clever and must find their creative team invaluable. Since achieving funding from the famous , this organisation has gone from strength to strength. It could be argued that this organisation has not only a creative focus, but also a community focus. Recently, the company has inspired its audiences yet again by opening  – the first live garment printing store, where individuals create their own style for four weeks only. A media and communications masterpiece, creating unique stories for you creative Bloggers out there!

We would love to hear what you think makes your individual or organisations Blog and News a true success.

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